The Power Of Self-Discipline

The Power Of Self-Discipline

Let’s get one thing clear. The word “discipline” is not exactly popular nowadays. In fact, a lot of people treat it like the D word. People think that discipline is either old fashioned or simply inapplicable to our modern age.

It’s easy to think of discipline as something quaint. Kind of like a relic from the time of our grandparents.

They needed self discipline, but it’s very easy for us to think that we are exempt from it.

It’s understandable why a lot of people are under this impression because we live in a world that worships convenience.

If you don’t believe me, try ordering a pizza. If you live in a major metropolitan area in the United States, the standard delivery time is 15 minutes. If your local pizzeria can not deliver the goods within that time, your pizza is absolutely free.

When you go on the internet, when you buy anything from Amazon, you are bombarded with all sorts of free shipping or 2 day delivery offers.

It goes with the territory. It seems that the more we live our lives, the more we are trained to expect instant gratification.

We want the good stuff that life has to offer and we want it now. In fact, a lot of people want it yesterday.

That’s how impatient we have become. If you still don’t believe me, when was the last time you read anything thoroughly on the internet? My bet would be a long time ago. Chances are when you see any kind of news item on your Facebook timeline, you’re probably just scrolling down the page.

You scroll scroll scroll and scroll some more. When you see some sort of keyword or image or video that you like, that’s when you stop. Once you get a good idea of what the article is talking about, then you go on to the next item and then the next item after that.

You are hardly alone. The more we use the internet and the more we interact with people online, our attention span becomes shorter and shorter. It all boils down to convenience. But here’s the problem. Until and unless you develop self- discipline, your chances of getting the best things in life are going to diminish.

In fact, depending on your situation, it may be a near impossibility. Self-discipline is that important. When you’re self-disciplined, you focus on the big picture. You find it in you to do the hard and necessary stuff now so you can get bigger rewards in the future.

This is not sexy. Far from it. A lot of people think that this is some sort of drudgery. This is punishment. This is some unpleasant chore that they would rather avoid. And who can really blame them? When you are working on something necessary, the reward may be so far off that it might as well be invisible.

Eventually, you start thinking to yourself, “What am I doing? I could be out there having fun with my friends. I could be doing more pleasurable things. I can be lazy because hey, let’s face it, laziness pays off immediately. Hard work pays off a long time from now.”

Do you see the disconnect?

Do you see why a lot of people would rather not choose self-discipline?

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