Ultimate USP

Ultimate USP
What is USP ?
USP stands for Unique Selling Proposition (or Point) and every business needs one.
It’s easy to spot a USP once you see one in action. It’s the service or product that you offer which no other business is currently offering to their clients.
It’s what your business stands for.
It’s how you’re different.
Your USP is why consumers should do business with you, versus the competition. It’ll also be the reason they keep coming back to your business.
And contrary to popular belief, your USP can (and should) change over time, as market needs change, audiences prioritize different things and your overall industry grows and shifts.
That being said, your original USP will continue to deliver on the promise you made – it will just evolve over time.
In this special report, we’ll look at a few examples of winning USP’s so you can see what a USP is, and how to create one for yourself.
Full details are discussed in this ebook …

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